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Queens after the hurricane Irene

I figured that with the Internet finally back after the ‘hurricane’ (or, in NYC’s case – a big storm), it’s time to upload some overdue post-hurricane photos! American media blew the hurricane situation out of proportions, but then again, I guess it’s better to be safe than sorry…The whole city was paralysed on Saturday when New York’s lifeline – the subway and bus system got shut down; practically all supermarkets in my area ran out of water supplies and there was a whole lot of people running around hectically, trying to buy batteries and flashlights. I almost felt like I was taking part in some sort of an apocalyptic film,haha!

The storm started on Saturday evening , just as I joined my friend on a ride to Brooklyn 😉 It was raining so much that the streets practically turned into rivers and we almost got stuck. The usually glistering Manhattan skyline was almost dark and only a few lights were on, it was so weird to see. The storm got worse throughout the night – the wind was so strong it actually woke me up – but  everything was fine by the early afternoon! Here are some photos I took on Sunday afternoon, when me and my friend went for a quick drive to see what’s been happening in Queens (excuse the photo quality, I took them with a regular compact camera):

Flooded street in Jamaica, Queens.

Evacuation Centre in Jamaica, Queens. There was still a lot of people inside when we got there on Sunday – some of them were hospital patients! Subway and buses still weren’t working so people had to wait to be picked up.

Emergency drinking water at the Evacuation Centre!

Ready meal served at the centre – it has over 1000 calories to keep you full for long. I ate only half of the meal and it  felt very heavy on my stomach. Apparently, this is what the soldiers eat when they are in the field!

Here’s what’s inside.

This was quite possibly the most complicated ready meal I’ve ever had!