Manhattan in Summer Rain


10 responses to “Manhattan in Summer Rain

  1. i have never been to NYC, but i wish i could be there someday.

  2. It’s an amazing city, you should definitely come visit if you get a chance 🙂

    • totally agree, so i’m saving up my money for visiting the NYC and Grand Canyon. 😀

      • great choice, Grand Canyon is awesome too – make sure you see it at the sunrise/sunset it looks so beautfil then, the sunlight really brings out the colour of the Canyon!

    • Thank you for your suggestion, M. 😀 I just can’t wait to enjoy the sunset of Grand Canyon.
      Could you do me a favor please? as a visitor of the States, could you tell me how much is living one night in NYC hotel (not too luxury, just safe and clean, nearby Manhattan), and how much is the flight ticket from NYC to LA. i’m supposing to make a budget on my trip. Thank you.

      • I’m staying with a friend so I don’t know much about hotel prices but I would imagine it’s gonna be expensive if you wanna stay in Manhattan..probably at least $100/night. Hostels might be a cheaper alternative, check out and 🙂 If you’re adventurous, you might try couchsurfing and stay over for free!! :
        As for the NYC-LA flight, I paid $300…but you should be able to find something cheaper – I booked my flight the day before the trip haha. Cheap airlines, like jetblue, usairways etc should have good deals! good luck!

    • Thank you very much. M. It’s so kind of you. The information you gave me was very helpful.
      OK, i will make a plan, and saving up my money for my trip. Thanks again, blessing.

  3. Julie Rose Sews

    I love the mistiness in these photos, they really capture NYC in the rain (and thank you for subscribing to my blog! ♥).

  4. thank you Julie, Im glad you like them – and you’re very welcome! 🙂 x

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