Gallery-hopping in Chelsea and the High Line Park

If, like me, you love wandering around art galleries and like the idea of admiring urban architecture from a park towering 30 feet above the ground, then you should definitely spend a day gallery-hopping in Chelsea and strolling around the High Line Park. This is what I did on Tuesday afternoon and it made my day!

The galleries are spread from 19th to 29th St.,between 11th and 10th Ave – many of  them seem to have been converted from industrial warehouses – the rustic, unassuming buildings strangely compliment the amazing artwork hidden behind large window displays. All works are contemporary art, which I’m  normally not a big fan of, but most of the exhibitions were so inspirational, creative and elegantly minimalist that I had a great time! The High Line Park, a former elevated railway built in 1930s and now a wonderfully peaceful  greenway with a great view of Chelsea and  the Hudson River, runs along the gallery district from Gansevoort Street up to 30th Street. I like  how the flowers and greenery contrast against the metal and the buildings! The park’s a perfect place for a post-gallery stroll 😉

I started my little gallery walk on 24th St. – I got there around 4PM, two hours before the galleries were closing, so I only went as far as 29th St. 😦 (as it turned out, there are very few galleries on 27th-29th St., so you might as well skip them if you don’t have much time). I will definitely come back on Thursday, when opening hours are extended to 8PM – there’s something magical about wandering around galleries at night, when the city lights go up!

Here are photos of the artwork I found most intriguing:

Marc Jancou, 24th St.

Freight+Volume, 24th St.

Nancy Margolis, 25th St

STUX, 25th St.

BDG, 25th St.

I forgot to write down the name of this gallery, I just remember it’s on 25th St…:(

The Flag Art Foundation, 25th St.

Cheim & Read, 25th St.

These are my favourite pieces – so creative! The portrait was made by wrapping a single thread around nails attached to a whiteboard, it must’ve taken forever to make! Dillon, 25th St.

Robert Miller Gallery, 26th St.


3 responses to “Gallery-hopping in Chelsea and the High Line Park

  1. Your Photos are great. I just did some gallery hopping in Frankfurt and it was wonderful. It’s cheaper than visiting museums and the owners of the galleries are kind and willing to tell you something about their art.

  2. thank you 🙂 I definitely prefer going to galleries, they have a more intimate atmosphere and you’re right, you get to gain more insight into the artwork!

  3. Totally digging High Line Park. I will have to go on my next trip to NYC!
    mad madge

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